Four youths arrested at Dambulla tourist hotel with heroin

Last night (18) Dambulla Police and Police Special Task Force (STF) officials have arrested four youths at a tourist hotel in the Vihara Junction area in Dambulla,

Reportedly, 3 kg 355 g of heroin has been found in the arrested youths.

Based on a tip-off that many drug users frequent the relevant tourist hotel, the Dambulla STF had carried out a raid last night.

Another 2 youths have been arrested with 20 mg of heroin on each following a search carried out in the same area later that night.

The arrested youths are residents of Dambulla, Hakmoona, Laggala, and Hathtotaamuna areas, stated the Police.

The Police stated that the STF and Dambulla police will conduct further operations under the drug eradication program in Dambulla.

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