40 million worth oil leaked at CPSTL Kolonnawa

The workers at Ceylon Petroleum Storage Terminals Limited charge that the CPC is trying to suppress the incident where over Rs. 40 million worth of petrol and 400,000 worth of Naphtha had leaked from its storage tanks.

It is reported that almost 200,000 litres of 92 Octane petrol had leaked from tank number 31 at the Kolonnawa fuel storage facility during the previous presidential election.

The value of the leaked fuel has been estimated at over Rs. 24 million.Similarly, 200,000 litres of Naphtha had also leaked.

The CPC selld a litre of Naphtha to the CEB at Rs. 80 per litres and the valueof the leaked Naphtha is estimated to be around Rs. 16 million.

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