Ministry of Health imposed maximum retail price for face mask

The Ministry of Health has decided to set a maximum retail price for disposable masks.

Media reported that, due to the coronavirus situation, traders are now selling to the public at high prices for disposable masks.

Our correspondents also stated that some pharmacies and shops around Colombo have been selling disposable masks at prices ranging from Rs 50 to Rs 100

According to a decision taken by the Minister of Health and Indigenous Medicine, Women and Child Affairs and Social Security Pavithra Wanniarachchi under Section 142 of the National Drug Regulatory Authority Act No. 5 of 2015, maximum retail for disposable masks as per orders Necessary steps have been taken today (29) to set a price.

Accordingly, the maximum retail price that can be sold as per the approved name of the following medical equipment is as follows.

  1. Disposable masks – Unwritten (looped or tied) Rs 15
  2. Removable surgical masks – Unwrapped (looped or tied) Rs.
  3. Masks (N95 Type – Particle Respiratory Filter) are priced at Rs.

The Health Ministry further stated that the law will be enacted for traders who sell face masks and stocks that exceed the above prices.

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