Chinese Embassy of Sri Lanka issues a special message

The Chinese embassy in Sri Lanka says that it is confident that China has the ability to control the new coronavirus.

The Chinese Embassy in Sri Lanka said that Sri Lankans should not be worried about the Chinese returning to Sri Lanka after celebrating the Chinese New Year.

The Embassy of Sri Lanka in China has emphasized, as the most affected city Wuhan has been suspended no one can travel to another country from the city.

In addition, employees of Chinese companies in the Hubei province who were serving in Sri Lanka have been advised not to return to Sri Lanka. The Embassy of Sri Lanka in China said that those who come to Sri Lanka from other parts of China are advised to stay quarantine period in Sri Lanka for at least 14 days.

It was also stated that China has also taken steps to suspend all group tours. The Embassy of Sri Lanka in China said that all the airports and transport centers in China are conducting serious investigations to prevent people who are suspected of contracting the new coronavirus.

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