Chinese Coronavirus patient in Sri Lanka completely cured and to be discharge today

The final blood samples of the Chinese female who was confirmed with the Coronavirus and is being treated at the IDH, has been sent to the Medical Research Institute (MRI) for testing, said the Acting Health Services Director General Dr. Lakshman Gamlath.

He said that based on the test results, she would be released from hospital.

Further, the Infectious Disease Unit Senior Consultant Dr. Sudath Samaraweera said that if the results are negative and she is released from hospital, follow-up inspections would be carried out to ensure she is completely cured. He notified the public to follow proper hygienic practices in order to stop the spread of the virus.

In a note she had thanked the Medical staff specially the head nurse who looked after her at a time some even didn’t come close to her. She had also thanked the Sri Lanka Tourism authority for looking after her” a source close to Chinese embassy told.

The Health Ministry meanwhile, said that the Coronavirus does not spread through food in any way.

Dr. Gamlath said that if a person with the virus sneezes or the saliva of the patient comes in contact with another person’s body, he/she could contract the disease.

The Public Health Inspectors’ Association also said that all Chinese nationals engaged in construction in the country had been subjected to health checks over the past few days.

Its President Upul Rohana said that those with flu symptoms were especially tested when notified.

He also said that all passengers arriving in the country suspected to carry the virus would also be examined.

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