Government has decided to launch an international intelligence operation to uncover the latest LTTE network

The Government of Sri Lanka has decided to launch an international intelligence operation with the help of foreign countries to uncover the latest LTTE network planned for the assassination of an elite Tamil leader from India and Europe.

On March 3rd, the Army Intelligence and Terrorist Investigation Division (TID) uncovered a safe house in Pooneryn where six former LTTE cadres, including a former LTTE cadre who had come to Germany and had been assaulted, were found. They also found new technological equipment that had not yet been discovered.

Investigations have identified this as the tenth time the LTTE has come to its head after the Fourth Eelam War. The Defense Ministry has ordered the North and East security to be increased immediately.

The bomber training team has been trained to prepare bombs for the rebels, with the help of the LTTE’s international leaders and supporters of the LTTE in Malaysia and India. The terrorist from Germany was trapped in Batticaloa and the rest of the squadron had been captured.

Intelligence operations have revealed that European countries have sent money to collect high-powered explosives from India and the North.

The government has also decided to seek the assistance of the international intelligence agencies to identify the brains behind the LTTE’s latest network and seek funding.

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