Sajith Premadasa Apologises to First ever Female Group CEO Kasturi Chellaraja Wilson Over “Incorrect Use Of Language” in a Tweet

Former Opposition Leader Sajith Premadasa last night apologised to newly appointed Hemas group CEO Kasturi Chellaraja Wilson over a tweet he published congratulating the corporate boss.

“I sincerely apologize to Kasthuri Wilson for the incorrect use of the word magnanimous. It was never intended to malign her great achievement. Thanks very much to all those who illustrated the mistake,” Sajith Premadasa tweeted.

Wilson is the first female group CEO to head a Sri Lankan conglomerate. In a tweet congratulating her, Premadasa said it was a “magnanimous” act by the conglomerate to appoint a woman as the CEO.

The tweet came under severe criticism from many quarters saying it gravely undermined her appointment.

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