Not a single gas cylinder in the country has exploded

State Minister of Consumer Affairs Lasantha Alagiyawanna today told parliament (30) that it is 100% confirmed that no gas cylinders have exploded in the country.

Opposition MP Kings Nelson told the parliament that a woman from Polonnaruwa district died when a gas cylinder exploded, but police confirmed through video that she had committed suicide, Alagiyawanna said.

He added that this government is not on the side of businesses but on the side of consumers.

Mr. Alagiyawanna was responding to a question raised by Opposition Leader Sajith Premadasa under Standing Order 27 (2).

Mr. Lasantha Alagiyawanna also stated the following.

The former prime minister made a good proposal in this regard. I thank him for that. He asked to be summoned to the SOEs committee for discussions. It is an effective suggestion. If there is a problem here. It must be remedied. We are working for it.

The President also spoke to me about it today. He too will convene a committee bringing together the relevant government institutions in this regard. He is awaiting a report including short and medium term proposals. Several discussions are still ongoing today. Companies that import accessories are also called today.

18 liter gas cylinders are not available on the market today. I say responsibly. We have taken action against this fraud. He went to court and published a notice in the gazette. This notification to the Official Journal has been implemented.

These cases of gas are not justified.

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