July 07 – Court order against organising protest in Colombo Fort

The Fort Police has reported facts to the court against a protest organized by monks and religious priests and their members. Accordingly, the Colombo Fort Magistrate’s Court has issued an order preventing the group from entering Olket Mawatha and staying at any other place around Pitakotuwa.

Reverend Pahiangala Ananda Sagara Thero, convener of Surakimu Sri Lanka National Movement, Reverend Ulapanane Sungala Thero, President of the Teachers’ Principals Union Alliance, founder of Bhumi Mata Manusath Foundation, Reverend Vilabotha Padma Thero, who are scheduled to participate in the protest organized to be held in Pitakotuwa on July 07.

Accordingly, the Colombo Magistrate’s Court has issued an order preventing the relevant persons from entering Olket Mawatha in the Pitakotuwa police area, Olket Mawatha, in front of the Bodhi Rukkharama temple or other places in the Pitakotuwa police area to block the public, vehicles and the pavements on both sides of the road.

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