Buddhist community outraged as “Prophet Jerome” insults Buddhism and the Buddha

The Buddhasasana, Religious and Cultural Affairs Minister Vidura Wickramanayake has vowed to take stern action against anyone who insults any religion in Sri Lanka. This statement came after Pastor Jerome Fernando made derogatory remarks about Buddhism and the Buddha in a recent video that went viral on social media.

The video shows Jerome preaching against Lord Buddha and Buddhism, claiming that the religion does not focus on love but rather on enlightenment. He also claims that Buddha was looking for Jesus, and every Buddhist needs Jesus. These remarks have caused an uproar amongst the majority of Buddhists, who have demanded immediate action against the self-proclaimed Prophet.

Social media users have called for Jerome’s arrest, claiming that he is attempting to cause religious disharmony in the country. Some have even gone to the extent of calling him a self-proclaimed fake and demanding an apology for insulting Buddhism.

Minister Vidura has announced that there will be no room for anyone to insult any religion, and they will take necessary action against such individuals. He also stated that they will initiate a dialogue with the establishments of all the major religions in the country to ensure proper registration of the places of religious worship.

When asked whether action would be taken against Jerome, the Minister said he would announce his decision soon. Meanwhile, the police have stated that they will act if a complaint is lodged against Jerome Fernando.

The Buddhist community is outraged by Jerome’s derogatory remarks, and they expect swift action to be taken against him. They have called for mutual respect and understanding among all religions in the country.

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